Team Emergency Salt Room


We are but three humble third year students at the University of Southampton attempting to make a ridiculous, fun game about Dreams and Economies!



Who are we?

We'll be honest, we're not particularly sure ourselves. We've changed a lot over the three years, bits of us for the better, and a larger part of us have become absolute bastards, but that's probably why we'd make a really funny game.

Jessica "Taskmaster" Castle - Our environmental/asset artist and professional worrier, Jess makes sure the team stays on track and basically lays everything out so that we don't have to think about it very much. 

Amelia "She's probably still asleep" Ng - Our resident character artist, UI designer and occasional code wizard, she stays up all night and makes magic happen when the rest of the team isn't looking.

James "Why is it working now?" Pearson - The Code Monkey. He breaks things a lot and Amelia has to fix them. We love him anyway.

What Are We Making?

Twilleir is a Tycoon Game set in the Fantasy world of Ephara. You, a brand new Dream Weaver, have just bought a little run down store that you're convinced you're going to make your fortune in. But first, you have to clean the place up and get in some stock!

Twilleir combines Tycoon, Crafting and Battle elements in an Arcade like 2D Isometric package! The player will have to work hard to produce items that their customers want to buy, sometimes to very specific deadlines and specifications, and sell them to pay their rent and eventually, upgrade their shop.

Why are we making Twilleir?

We want to make a light-hearted game that people could just pick up and play.

We want to make a fun and engaging game that makes people smile in the turbulent world we live in at the moment.

We want to work hard as a team to create a great game for our final major project at University!



We've got some nifty stuff brewing up in Emercency Salt Room, Keep reading for more info!

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Practice your craft

As one of Ephara's few Dreamweavers, you've just finished your tuition and you're ready to make it as a bona-fide merchant! You just have to keep your rent up, transform your space into something useful, please all the customers that come in, brave the dungeons to get rare ingredients, and make sure your garden's up to scratch! 

Simple, Right?

Crafting and harvesting

You know the drill.

You want to sell something then you gotta make it first!

Expand your garden and greenhouse to become a veritable Eden of ingredients for you to weave your dreams from, then take them into your crafting room to weave the dreams your customers want to sleep to!

Your first Garden!

Your first Garden!



Find your way into the many dungeons of Ephara, all of them holding creatures of magic and mesmerising artifacts.

Bring a long a Helping Hand from the Adventurer's guild! What, you didn't think we'd make any self respecting salesman fight alone, did you?

Choose your companion wisely to make sure they are the most effective in that dungeon, be careful though, they only get one life!




Shenanigans Recorded

Twitch streaming is good streaming

We trekked along the South Coast to Torquay where we visited Kents Caverns, the Torre Abbey Gardens and the Dartmoor National Park. We managed to get some awesome resources and references for our environments - here's a quick video to show you what we saw and what we got up to!
A speed paint of the start of painting the crafting room. Music - Fleetwood Mac - The Chain. I don't own the music, this is just one of the songs I listened to as I worked on this :)